Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Updated "The Deep" brief story structure.

This can also be found on Mel's blog. She was kind enough to point it out to me to look at.

kid swims to meet penguin.
kid takes photo of penguin.
flash causes eel to attack.
camera falls in the water.
penguin sees this.
...penguin swims down into the water after the camera.
kid finds himself alone.
he is looking around very scared.
flash from bottom of screen kid and eel look down.
penguin is swimming with the camera back to the kid.
eel attacks penguin.
kid gestures to the penguin in a moment of horror.
kid looks up to the weapon on the side of his submarine as a moment of hope and anger.
kid collects the harpoon gun inter cut with eel attacking penguin.

This is the general storyline now. This helps me a lot in terms of getting an idea of the penguin's role in the story

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