Saturday, 27 November 2010

Back to the drawing board...

Well, I had an intense Thursday sesh. I have to do a lot of redrawing and rethinking for the projects I am working on. Here's a brief summary of what I need to do:

The story and personality of the penguin has changed, so I need to redesign him to fit his new persona. Instead of him being cheeky and more human, he is gonna be acting more like a penguin, and slightly more inquisitive.

My animation tests have received a lot of critique. Dan told me to avoid impulsively animating anything (He didn't like the end bit of the animation test, too "MC Hammer"!) and to concentrate on looking for reference (Waltz and fencing videos in particular). I have to keep animating. I should play with timing, and try and really get into the character.

The shots I did were good, but again they were not what Sophie was looking for. I think our communication of what we both envisioned for this shot was lacking, because I should have drawn the beefeater inside looking out the window, but the camera is outside looking up at the window. However, after much discussion about lighting etc, I am simply going to have the Beefeater looking towards the window, with the camera looking at him from behind, inside the room.
Sophie also told me that the shot depicts a war time scene, so there needs to be explosions in the background and stuff

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