Saturday, 27 November 2010

*M* Beefeater mourns - revisited

Almost forgot to mention in my last post! Above is a window design Alex came up with for the Beefeater to peer out of. I used both of his designs to come up with how the scene should look roughly.

I altered the window design slightly by combining them both into one. I liked the raven element and the unfussiness of the right window, but I also like the pointed top part of the left window too. So I took all these bits and pieces and came up with the below pictures.

How I picture this is that the flash of light will pop up intermittently to represent the explosions.

I'm going to send these designs to Sophie now, for a critique.

EDIT: Sophie - "A.W.E.S.O.M.E!"

I think that's a thumbs up for the time being! Ace!

EDIT2: Unfortunately, this scene was cut from the final animatic, because the scene wouldn't have flowed well with the rest of the clip. However, it gave me some practice with staging, lighting, and storyboarding in general.

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