Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dissertation Research class today!

Right, I had an epic discussion with my tutor (Ian, I believe his name is) about my dissertation question, and how I can continue with it. Man, let me just say that Ian is like one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable guys I've ever met. I thought my Aunt knew a lot, but apparently she has a rival when it comes to brain functionality.

I digress. I'll put all the info in bullet points and expand on what I noted down if I can. I had to take a lot in from that discussion, so I might not remember everything as clearly as I like.
  • Tuppy Owens (sp?) - Ian knows this lady very well. Helps support charity called "Outsiders club". Helps people with special needs match-make. Exhibitions in connection with this
  • "See Hear" - to do with blind and deafness
  • Mick (Nick?) Scarlet - Wheelchair bound individual
  • Thalidomide birth defects (sp?) - People born with hunched arms and legs, due to drug of same name effecting growth during pregnancy
  • Maybe stick to view of Britain because looking worldwide will be a little too broad.
  • Talk to Leonard in LRC.
All a bit vague, I know, but this is stuff i can look into more, absopositively!

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