Tuesday, 30 November 2010

*D* Smitten - Reference for Don Juanova

After an intense discussion with Dan on how to improve my animation tests, I have a lot of leads on what to look at, in terms of reference. I need to do my next few animations tests using reference, rather then animating straight ahead without much thought about why he is making the moves he is doing.

Matt Vadis, our group leader, posted some really valuable material for me to use. Here's a link to his blog post below:

Matt Vadis: Don Juanova Reference

I'm going to repost the most important vids I wish to look at more closely below.

Slow motion Ballet!


I'd really like to take a fragment of the dancing and use this for close study. I will try and animate Don waltzing around like a lovestruck casonova

Dan gave me and Matt a good lead to follow for sword fighting reference. Errol Flynn. Here he is, among some other sword fighting greats

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