Sunday, 14 November 2010

*D* Don Juanova Rehearsals!

And now on to drawing the knight in shining armour! Here is the original ref sheet that Matt drew up.

... And here are my sketches!

I'm pretty happy with them, to be honest. I even had a try at some dynamic poses. I've tried hard to make him look like a handsome chap in love, though I'm worried some of the shots look a bit gay haha!

He's a joy to draw though. He reminds me of Linguini from Ratatouille, gorky and lanky. I can see great potential for some really fun animation with this guy!

EDIT: Feedback from Matt:-

Great stuff Emma, really nice poses and expressions! All i'd say is that he won't have his eyes open until the very last scene when he becomes disillusioned, so he's not going to have a very readable face, maybe an eyebrow raise here and there or a self-content half smile, but apart from that his character will come across through his movement rather than face. Maybe not as goofy. That's just knit picking so apart from that you're doing a good job of fleshing this guy out. Keep it up.



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