Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Projects

Okay here's the e-mail I sent to Dan and Mike about the work I will be doing this year:

Hey Dan and Mike!

Here's a sum up of the groups I am working with. My primary projects that I will be working on are:

  • Smitten (Matt Vadis) - Assistant Character Animator
  • Raven Project (Sophie Lodge) - Character Designer, Storyboarder, Animatic Artist.
I have also said to the following groups that I will attempt to help with animation and other odds and ends if I am able.
  • The Deep (Andy Kinnear) - Animator, Character Design
  • Heroes 1.0 (Kofi Ansah) - Animator
  • Unhatched (Tom Ritchie) - Animator
Of course, this is all dependant on whether I can find the time to help.

I have considered taking on my own pitch (Spooked) for the 30sec alternative piece. I feel that I could do it, but since I already have a lot on my plate, I will not pursue it seriously as a project. However, I may consider doing some little animation tests of the monster, since I feel that he is a strong design, and would be fun to animate for my showreel.

For Dan's unit, my strength is as an
Artist (Designs, concept, animatics), but I feel that I am also a strong 2D animator. I would like to concentrate my efforts on improving my 3D animation, so I think I will specialise in Animation, so I can improve in that area. I have spoken to Clym and he as agreed to teach me some basic rigging, so that would help contribute towards my Technical studies.

Please correct me if I need to revise the above plans for either unit.

Sorry that was a long e-mail. I hope that is all clear. I look forward to hearing from you. See ya Monday!

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