Wednesday, 1 December 2010

*D* The Waltz Blues

Figuring out how to animate a character waltzing is near doing my head in. Oh man. I'm trying to place the timing of the music into the timeline, but its weird having it 3 time instead of 4.

I'm trying to work out how he eases into the poses and how his body moves. So much is moving at once, his feet, his body weight, the arch of his arms, and he's making headway at such a pace. The track we are using for our animation is very quick, so I guess I can get away with doing some mistakes at first, but still.


Basically, just wanted to let you know my brain is taking a while to process everything. I'm listening to the music non stop and I'm watching those Waltz videos for reference. I may look for some more vids like that for help. I'm gonna need it >__<


Okay I've attempted to establish the arm shapes first at the appropriate moments of the music. This is purely using the waltz vid called "Basic Waltz Demo (Music) by Mirko & Alessia" (see previous post). I think this is the easiest way for me to get the keys of the movement. Once I have the arms sorted, I'm going to put the other lines of action in and then build up from there.

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