Wednesday, 8 December 2010

*D* *M* Penguins, penguins, penguins

Yarrrrrp we have even more drawings for the penguin character. I'm actually amazed at how many doodles I have done for this. I must have accumulated over 30 individual pictures, I think! I'll have to count them

Anyway, Yeh I spoke to Andy, and he liked the direction I was going in. However, he wanted the character to have no legs (just flipper feet). He also emphasized that he wanted the penguin to be more triangular-shaped. Rather like a fatter, cuter version of the evil penguin in the Wallace and Gromit episode, "The Wrong Trousers".

So without further ado, I got stuck in again. You can tell that I haven't immediately gone for drastically triangular shaped penguin designs. This is still rather experimental. I also keep thinking of what I have learnt in the past. Triangles tend to be dangerous shapes. Squares tend to be safe shapes. Circles tend to be fun shapes. Characters are often designed based on this theory.

Below I have tried to design more triangular-shaped bodies. I have compromised a bit though, by making his body like a cone. Pictured here is the camera that he discovers in the film idea. It is not designed to be like the one that will be in the animation. I just sketched it out really quickly.

It is important that I drew him with the camera, because I want to make sure his flippers are long enough to reach out and hold things. If the model is designed in a way that it cannot operate in this way, it will significantly slow down the process of getting his design perfected.

EDIT: I've done a quick re-concept too. Here's the after and before:

^^^ New Design ^^^
 VVV Old Design VVV

 I think I'm still rather fond of the original, personally, but I think the new design is a lot more simple. It will be easier to model, rig and animate (To the best of my knowledge).

However, I think I will need to keep going with this design. I still need to formulate a Reference Sheet like the old one. I want to wait for Andy to give me the thumbs up though. :D

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