Friday, 10 December 2010

*D* Raven storyboards. With a nice platter

Okay, I have been briefed on a couple of storyboards I can do for the Raven Project animatic. Here's a rough sketch-out of the panels.

  1. POV Beefeater. Close-up of platter. Reflection of Beefeater holding platter
  2. POV Beefeater. Camera slightly zooms out. We see a hand on handle, about to reveal food inside.
  3. POV Beefeater. Platter cover has been lifted up and out of sight. We see contents of platter (Meat with garnish), and the inside of the Raven box. Bran is see lip-syncing to Bran voice over
This is a very key moment in the film. Basically, throughout the introduction, the audience is led to believe that the Beefeater is speaking about the Tower of London and the Ravens that reside there. But the twist is it is actually Bran, one of the Ravens, that is introducing the documentary. Clever, eh?

So its pretty important that I get this set of panels done. Otherwise there is a large gap in the story, and that will look a little silly in the pitch that we will be doing on Monday.


Here are the sketches I have done in photoshop of the 3 storyboard frames. They are a lot neater and clearer, as you can tell. I think I may need to add another frame in, showing the cover being removed, because at the moment it looks like it magically disappears.

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