Monday, 24 January 2011

*M* Texture tests and line edits. That's a lot of cameras in one post O__O

Please click to enlarge, to see more detail.

Phwoarrr these cameras keep getting more and more smexy! Yep, I've been playing around a lot with the design, textures and colours. Me and Andy went through the images in the last post, and as you can see from the numerous scribbles, we managed to pick out some nice texture combos, and altered the design again. We came to a solution with the polaroid photos, and what happens to them when they get taken. They drop down into a lower compartment to be stored and looked at later on. They don't fly out the front,  like conventional polaroid cameras. So I enlarged the lower part of the camera (The base) and also rounded off the edges to make it look less sharp and pointy. You can see the before and after in the above picture. I also couldn't decide which texture would be suitable for the flash "supports" so I've shown two versions with different textures for each.

Above you can see the results of some photoshop messing about! I had a go at altering the settings, and it came up with some interesting alterations. I think some of the changes are a little too vivid, but I quite like the 2nd and last sets. I think generally the right versions with the silvery "supports" work best as well.

I shall await Andy's feedback now. I will also be doing some animatic work very soon for The Deep, so look out for that!

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