Tuesday, 4 January 2011

*D* YET ANOTHER Smitten Animation Test

I did this whilst on Livestream, but the movie is very large (45mins worth of footage!) So it's taking time to process. It may not even process at all. Stupid technology! If it does actually allow me to open the vid file and edit it down to a shorter length, I will upload it. :D

Pretty pleased with the work so far. The end bit needs work or changing. I've also started drawing the arm poses in, and they seem to meld into the frames well.


EDIT: Matt Vadis' feedback on tests

Hey Em

Thanks for the hard work you've been doing, you're really cranking them out. Ye it's your best one yet - nice and fluid, in time with the accents of the music and has variety in the movements, which is good because if we stick to the sort of rigid posture of an actual waltz dancer i think it would get boring.

As far as criticism goes, i'd say push the key poses even more. This guy's theatrical so think of those melodramatic gestures in Shakespeare plays, they're almost laughable which is sort of what we're going for. There's a part where he looks like he's sneaking, maybe to make it look more like a dance try widening his steps so you really see the energy in moving from one spot to another - almost like the way a roller-coaster speeds up on the downhills and slows on the ups.

Don't stress yourself trying to apply any changes I think you've done enough for now, just keep in mind what i've said. I think we're ready to start animating the real thing.

I think Matt made some very good points here about where I can improve. At the moment, I am neatening up the test above, and drawing the knight over the top of the rough stick man poses. Fingers crossed it will look alright!

So far it has been quite time-consuming but I'll keep at it.

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