Saturday, 1 January 2011

*D* Happy New Year! An update overdue

Hey! Here's my first post to my blog in 2011. Lets hope its the first of many cool things to show you all!

Right, I have two test movies to post up. Fingers crossed they come out alright on here

The 1st is a clip playing around with the Knight dancing. This was made taking into account stuff I had learnt from making the previous two tests

I showed Dan this vid and the 2nd one, and he said that I needed to slow in inbetween taking steps. He would be very light on his feet, so he will spend more time on tip-toes then landing a foot on the ground. He is a little heavy footed here.

The other clip I did was a 2D test on how the penguin would move. Its extremely simple, but I wanted to play around with how his cone shape would move in water.

However, there has been a drastic change to the story of The Deep. Andy sent me the following message:

hi emma i thought i would let u know that i have come to the decision to cut the penguin from the film. this is due to drastic story changes and the flow and character relationships.

thank you soo much for all ur hard work and please dont think it has gone to waste as it will still be presented in the development stages even in the later stages of the production.

the penguin in the film did not fit as it was used mainly as a directing tool to get the kid in the water, after that the penguin got in the way of the story and characters. the story now focuses on the eel and kid resulting in a better flow and arc for both characters and story.

once again im sorry but please let me know if ur available for anymore design work

thanks andy k 
I admit I am a little disappointed, because I had really taken to the cute fella, but I am behind Andy all the way on the decisions he makes. Hopefully this change will be to the benefit to the project, and will help us come up with a cool result!
The work I did towards the penguin character is in no way a waste, I have learnt a lot from the experience and had a lot of fun producing it all. In the industry, this kinda thing happens all the time. If a character doesn't quite flow in the story, they often have to be removed to help accommodate a better plot.
Andy has asked me to do some more work for the team though, I am to design a polaroid camera for the boy to use. I must research cameras and come up with something that can be made and used in the film. 

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