Wednesday, 19 January 2011

*M* Steampunk

There are some real beauties I found on the internet. There aren't many steampunk-style cameras out there by the looks of things, but what I found has really impressed me. The attention to detail is rather astounding.

After close inspection and deep thought, I have come to the conclusion that I so like the steampunk look, but I don't want to as far as these specimens have been taken. I think it would be a challenge to make something as good as these in 3D, and I don't think we have enough time to really go to town doing that. I want to keep the camera simple and fairly easy to model, since we have a lot of other characters, props and environments to take care of. However, I may be underestimating a bit. I'd rather err on the side of caution.

So anyway, I am going to try and combine the best parts of the sketches I have already done, and create a rough drawing of the camera I think would work well. I want to make it a little interactive, but not so that it requires a lot of tinkering etc.

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