Monday, 31 January 2011

*M* More Raven Box Concept Stuff

It looks quite boring, but this is the kinda the look I want for the Raven box interior. Sophie specified that it should have wooden textures inside. The last concept I did was more focused on the fact that these Ravens are very patriotic, and their feathers are very dark. I wanted to make sure the ravens stand out.
The other way we can make the Ravens stand out is by using lighting, and that's what I was looking at mostly here. More WIPs to come!

Raven box now comes with furnishings and shnizz!

I think more could be done to this, but I like it so far. The lighting looks pretty darn good too. It should help draw attention to the ravens which will be situated in place like below:


Got feedback on concepts. Taking wooden interior thing a little too literally.

Hey hey Emu - have seen your latest box interior....doesn't have to be wooden at all...should perhaps involve wood so you can tell the exterior is wooden, but wall paper or colours could work  - really have a play....I'm going to attach the concept bird in case you want to drop it in to sketches....

Hope your dissertation's going ok....mine's paaaaaaainfulll...


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