Monday, 10 January 2011

*D* Knight - Detailed Keys And Livestream

Well, here's a cleaner version of the stick animation I did. It took so long to draw each of these frames. I still want to complete this, but this is what I have accomplished thus far.

I realized that I didn't exactly explain how I did this test, so here it goes...

I started off animating a circle for the head, so I could make it flow effectively with the music. I then animated his body and legs in. This meant that his chest and head would lead his motion, which suits his character - His heart and mind are in charge of his actions, and since he is in love, he has little control over what he does. I think I could have put that a little more eloquently, but I think you get the idea XD Lastly, I added in the arms. I tried think of how I would have my arms if I were doing those dance steps, and which pose would flow best.

Problems I Had

  • When I was detailing the leg keys, I found that sometimes the leg had been overstretched unintentionally. It was a bit difficult going back and changing them having gone into detail. Perhaps because I had not thought enough about how his legs would be in the early stages of animation. I must make sure that the poses are possible to do in real life, and don't look strange
  • I had some issues making my drawings look EXACTLY like the model, but I think I did pretty well considering. I must keep drawing him in my spare time, so that I become more comfortable drawing him, and it comes more naturally
  • His size still fluctuates a lot. I must keep the size of the character consistant.
  • I need to try and be a bit more brave when attempting to do perspective poses. I think at come points the poses look a little flat.
  • I need to work in 25fps in HD 1080 x 720 in future.
  • I must try and work faster. If I want to get stuff done and moving quickly, I need to get these line tests completed much quicker. Again this may be down to the fact I need to be a lot more comfortable drawing the character. At the moment, the speed that I draw the detailed poses is causing this to slow down everything. Perhaps after a few more line tests, I will get them done quicker and quicker.
Right, below is a video of me doing some animation in Toonboom. Half way in the vid I meddle with the sound, because my brother started playing the wii in the background! You don't have to watch it all, but you see me drawing out some poses at the end, and talking through the process and the model sheet at the beginning

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