Wednesday, 19 January 2011

*M* Orthographic Camera Study Progress

How it looks at the moment. Its a bit rough around the edges, but I like it. Of course I hope to neaten it up and play around with colour, but here it is, in beautiful blue lines

EDIT - Feedback from Andy Kinnear

Good work so far but i think ur taking the steam punk reference too literally like the cogs u have added u have to think to urself how do they work within the camera instead of it being dressed on to the camera
also i think hard edges with a couple of smooth ones could be quite nice helps with older stuff. materials maybe leather copper, bronze, darker metals

maybe do a picture with the kid holding the camera and see if that looks right 

Fairly positive, but I totally agree with Andy's critical notes there. The cog does look extremely out of place, now that I examine it more. I was thinking the cog could be like the spindle you turn to wind up the film in the camera, but I'm not sure whether it is necessary.

We actually have a fairly modern polaroid camera here at my house, so I've just examined it a bit more to see what facets it has. I t doesn't actually have a wind up "wheel", but this may be because it is modern enough to have a digital record of how many photos it has taken anyway. Basically, I'm just wondering whether we need a spindle on there at all.

I think softening the camera a bit more might help too. Like Andy said, varying the lines more will help give it more appeal.

I'm glad Andy mentioned materials too. It was dawning on me that I would need to eventually mess about with textures and stuff. Something else to look into.
Andy made a good suggestion about drawing the boy with the camera. It made me realize that the most important thing about the camera is that it needs to be easy for the boy to carry and use in the animation. If the object is too big or small, it won't work. If the components are difficult for the boy model to use effectively, that will also be a problem.

I think that the way I have fixed the flash on to the camera may complicate the way in which the boy has to carry it. The bar that stick out may get in the way. I might have to think again about how to alter this design aspect of the camera. 

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