Monday, 17 January 2011

*M* Polaroid Camera Collage And Drawings

In the above image, some of Andy Kinnear's pictures are featured. They are marked with AK. I have highlighted the areas that I think help me in these images with blue.
It looks like I'm kinda moving into a steam punk/victorian design for this camera. However, I haven't really thought much about how a camera like this would work underwater. Would it need protective gear around it to protect the mechanisms inside? I also assume that the polaroid photos will shoot out the camera, which is something that hasn't featured much in the storyboards thus far. Perhaps the photos will float in the water like leaves in the wind? I have also considered that the camera might have interactivity elements, like a mech arm that moves the flash up into position, and a cog for adjusting focus. Is that too much detail?

Since I am looking at a more steampunk look, I'm going to need to look into this style choice further, but I'd like to see what Andy thinks so far. :)

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