Saturday, 1 January 2011

*D* Further thoughts about the Smitten animation

I have also just remembered something that Matt Vadis told me. I should listen to the music and let that guide me. In the same way that the knight Don Juanova is led by his heart, I need to be led by the music to go in the right direction for his animation.

When I was directly using the Waltz reference to animate to, I found that the pace that the dancers were moving was far too swift. It made my head spin trying to directly mirror it in a fun way. However, I have learnt that there are some nice arcs of the arms and legs that will provide some strong poses to use.

Dan has also said that he can arrange for us to go to a dance studio to watch and sketch live dancers perform. I am really up for this! I haven't done proper Life Drawing for quite a long time, so I am eager to lap up this opportunity!

Sorry, just stuff I wanted to empty out my head. Will be working on another test for the deadline on 10th January. Should be good, as long as I take on board all I have learnt so far.

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