Monday, 23 May 2011

Sword science! New shot

Okay this is a little complicated but I have basically been given a new shot to work on, which is a sword that has been disarmed, and skids across the floor spinning at the same time. The complicated part is working out the physics of how this will work. Matt gave me some sketches of the sword, and the kinda action he wanted it to take. Here are some Photoshop sketches loosely based on those drawings he gave me. They also show some perspective doodles with lots of circles. These represent the circumference of the sword spin. I also worked out that the circles will get closer and closer together the further away the sword goes and the slower it moves.

Below you can see the scene which Michelle has beautifully illustrated for the final film. I should try and use the vanishing point in this picture, otherwise the sword spin will look very odd.

Above is a slightly boring but important pic I did in ToonBoom depicting the circulations the sword will undergo, from a bird's eye view. I might animate this first so I can perfect the spinning simply first, with some simple copy and paste.

Then I will do the real thing.

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