Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Deep - Shot 14 blockout

Here's a blockout of my next shot. Kid has just discovered the Eel, and is now swimming towards it. This is to show the Boy's reaction and determination to continue. I am also doing the next shot, which is a wide shot of him and the eel, the Kid still approaching with caution.

You can see that I have started to animate the feet already. I feel that this is always a good way to start refining a swimming shot, since the way he kicks and his body moves is key to making his swimming look believable. He surges forward a lot quicker, so I have to ensure his feet look as if they're doing more work.


Here you can see that the flippers are more animated, and I have had a go at altering his shoulders to flow with his movement. I have placed a box in there as the camera, again. I've decided I will do this for every scene I do to start with, since I'm not sure how I should scale it down yet. Basically, everyone in my group has the camera, but it isn't the right size, so we'll all be scaling it down. However, I want mine to be the same size as everybody else.

This shot seems to run too quickly at the moment, Kid seems to be rushing too much. He needs to be a little more cautious! Will slow him down a smidge

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