Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ravensbourne Degree Show Logo designs

This is a kinda side project I've started for our end of year show. I really wanted to get involved with helping make this year something really memorable, and so I figured it'd be fun trying to help design the logo. This logo will be put up on posters and T-shirts. I had a little doodle sesh brainstorming ideas. Some are very rough and a little uninspired, but I wanted to try different fonts and stuff. I experimented with altering the Ravensbourne logo, and bringing in classic animation knowledge like the ball bounce and walk cycle, so they can help show the public exactly what we're about. I thought about incorporating pencils and stuff into the design, but I felt that Ravensbourne really likes pushing it's technological side of things, and pencils might seem a little old fashioned.

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