Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Critique from Matt

E-mail from Matt Vadis about recent updates. Important bits are highlighted:-

Hey Em

Sorry I'm not into today, gonna try and crack on at home, but i'll be in tomorrow and thurs.

Guardian reaction shot - looks good, the ears don't distract me anymore so I think it's done, nice one.

Don wrist shot - there's still something that's sticks out with this one. I think the animation is okay, but again it might be the consistency of style. I know it's a very short bit of animation so i think it will work. I'm having a bit of trouble playing it through blogger, lol, so maybe on wed or thurs I can take a look at the toon boom file and give you better feedback.

Sword spin - coming along nicely, the aerial shot is great - you've got the weight and centre of gravity really nicely. As for the appearance of the sword, use the circular handle one that you've drawn in one of your sketches, that's how i've drawn it in another scene so we can match up the style. As for the direction of the sword I've attached an edit to a screenshot of your animation in white. I always envisioned the sword going into the darkness heading behind the pillar, but having said that, if it is difficult to change keep going with what you've done, cos it looks good so far.

I'll take a better look at the toon boom files in person, but for now keep going with it. Thanks

Pretty happy with the feedback I got. I agree with pretty much everything he said. There are bits that need adjusting, and I wanna make sure they look good.
Here's the image he's talking about for the sword spin

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