Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Smitten - Sword spin finished?

Hey folks!

Yup it's me again!

I have lots of vids to show, but it really depends on whether I can upload them to Blogger. I'm gonna try anyway!

This is a new line test I have done. I changed the angle of the spin because Matt asked for it to be at a different angle, so that it could disappear behind the pillar a bit more.

Things I found hard with this shot in general was the handle. The drawings Matt had done of it weren't in extreme detail, so I had to kind of imagine what it would look like at certain angles as it span. I think I made it look 3D and believeable, but I expect it could do with a little improvement.

Making it come to rest was fun though. Making the fast part was probably more difficult, because I didn't want it to zoom too quickly.

Here's the vid of the sword in colour and in the scene. It only requires shading if it is properly finished

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