Wednesday, 9 February 2011

*M* Final Cut Woes, And Raven Box Happenings

Well, I had an "epic fail" on Final Cut Pro. I had some gorgeous editing going yesterday, and almost finished a decent chunk until suddenly the program froze and crashed. I was really gutted!

On the bright side, trying to catch up on Raven Project work. Here's some edits of the original pic I did a while ago

The top one seems to be the favourite, maybe a little fainter though.

Sophie gave me some other pointers on how it should look.

She found this fab pic. She really likes the crowns in this, and thinks that would be something cool to use in the wallpaper texture. I agree! Will really make the box look more patriotic!

Also, in case it is of interest, these are pictures of Bran's actor's house! Its really unusually decorated. :D

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  1. aw that looks really cool Emma! ^_^

    Very well done! Hope the Essay is going Great! ^_^